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Iconic venues for events, meetings and history-making moments.

Our event and meeting spaces honor this building’s architectural gems.
Whether it’s the iconic character of the Grace Ballroom, the elegance of the Society Ballroom, or our garden’s urban oasis, your ideal venue awaits.
Set your date for a Guild Wedding and enjoy a series of 3 romantic dates designed by The Guild, we make wedding planning romantic from the moment of I Will to the day of I Do.
Pleasure awaits you at The Guild.

Event Services
Our innovative & experienced team creates your vision
Chef Collaboration and Menu Design
Mixologist Consultation
Branded Event Menus
Menu tastings available
Branding Opportunities with Video Projection Wall
Full Hotel Buyouts Available - Guild Take Over
AV Capabilities
Video-texture mapping
Surround sound/LED lighting
Latest tech
Pre- & post-event support
Hotel Amenities
Dedicated event planners
Professional audio visual services
Meeting sets with clean, sophisticated designs
Restaurant-style banquet menus
White wood chairs, white floor-length linens & napkins
Seasonal heaters & umbrellas
Marriott Rewards Program
Book Poppy or The Guild Bar for your next event.

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